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Course Description

Hello and welcome to Eighth Grade Math! My name is Mrs. Ruelas. During this course, students will work with expressions and equations, compare and evaluate functions, and work with integer exponents. We will also be exploring many concepts from geometry including understanding the Pythagorean Theorem and working with problems involving volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres.



Required Materials

For this class students will need a graphing composition book or spiral notebook. Most of Course 3 is graphing, please also make sure your student has extra graph paper as needed for homework. Here is a list of recommended materials for this class: 
  • 2 Graphing (quad ruled) composition or spiral bound notebooks (one for each semester as they will get full)
  • extra graph paper
  • Regular pencils 
  • Ruler
  • Basic calculator 
  • 3 ring binder with tabs for math worksheets, handouts, tests/quizzes*
*Avid Students are required to have one large binder for all of their classes. This is fine for Course 3, just be sure to include the tabs for math. They will still need a graphing composition notebook for math notes only.