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Mission & Vision

TCMS Mission Statement

At Terra Cotta Middle School, our purpose is to create a safe, positive, and effective learning environment by fostering emotional, social, and intellectual well-being to prepare all students for college and career readiness, empowering them with the character of self-accountability and 21st Century skills that will allow them to thrive in a global society.  

TCMS Vision Statement
Terra Cotta Middle School staff and team members believe that education is the foundation on which our society is built. Our vision is to help students develop as young adults who will take responsibility for their actions and learning. Our goal is to provide students with the skills and confidence to become productive members of society. To accomplish this, we will include all educational partners in the continuous improvement of school climate, curriculum, and instruction. 
Students will be:
  • Engaged in the learning process
  • Prepared to meet the challenges of each day
  • Respectful
  • Responsible contributors to the school culture
  • Motivated and confident
  • Caring
Teachers will be:
  • Professional and prepared in their conduct with students and other staff
  • Respectful and fair in their dealings with students
  • In control of domain and knowledgeable in subject matter
  • Willing to collaborate
Administrators will be:
  • Leaders
  • Supportive of teachers and staff
  • Able to communicate with honesty and fairness
  • Reasonable, respectful and approachable
  • Visible
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in the classroom
Support staff will be:
  • Willing to take initiative
  • Focused on teamwork
  • Able to communicate
  • Respectful and maintain a positive attitude
  • Willing to accept tasks to support student learning
Collaboration will focus on:
  • Communication
  • Common goals
  • Common prep time with early release days sacred to subject/grade level
  • Common discipline
  • Common assessments
  • Sharing materials, planning, and teaching strategies
  • Training
School Climate
Behavior will be:
  • Responsible, respectful, and professional
  • All stakeholders will be accountable, with consistent follow through
  • Based on consistent expectations
  • Self-disciplined whenever possible
  • Focused on positive rewards, not just negative consequences
Communication will be:
  • Facilitated between teachers, administrators, and support staff
  • Improved between parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff
  • Framed in a positive fashion
Curriculum and Instruction
Grading will be:
  • Consistent
  • Meaningful to guide student learning
  • More collaborative between subject areas and grade levels
Assessment will be:
  • Standards and curriculum appropriate
  • Common and coordinated
  • Provided with timely results
  • Standardized
Interventions will:
  • Systematically address student learning gaps
  • Provide competent math tutorial support
  • Engage parental support
  • Utilize more technology
  • Provide alternative intervention for behavior problems