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Mission & Vision

 Mission Statement

AT TCM, our purpose is to create a safe, positive and effective learning environment which will empower and prepare all students to become lifelong learners who are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve success in a rapidly changing world.

Vision Statement
Students will be:
Ø Engaged in the learning process
Ø Prepared to meet the challenges of each day
Ø Respectful
Ø Responsible contributors to the school culture
Ø Motivated and confident
Ø Caring
Teachers will be:
Ø Professional and prepared in their conduct with students and other staff
Ø Respectful and fair in their dealings with students
Ø In control of domain and knowledgeable in subject matter
Ø Willing to collaborate
Administrators will be:
Ø Leaders
Ø Supportive of teachers and staff
Ø Able to communicate with honesty and fairness
Ø Reasonable, respectful and approachable
Ø Visible
Ø Knowledgeable and experienced in the classroom
Support staff will be:
Ø Willing to take initiative
Ø Focused on teamwork
Ø Able to communicate
Ø Respectful and maintain a positive attitude
Ø Willing to accept tasks to support student learning
Collaboration will focus on:
Ø Communication
Ø Common goals
Ø Common prep time with early release days sacred to subject/grade level
Ø Common discipline
Ø Common assessments
Ø Sharing materials, planning, and teaching strategies
Ø Training
School Climate
Behavior will be:
Ø Responsible, respectful, and professional
Ø All stakeholders will be accountable, with consistent follow through
Ø Based on consistent expectations
Ø Self-disciplined whenever possible
Ø Focused on positive rewards, not just negative consequences
Communication will be:
Ø Facilitated between teachers, administrators, and support staff
Ø Improved between parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff
Ø Framed in a positive fashion
Curriculum and Instruction
Grading will be:
Ø Consistent
Ø Meaningful to guide student learning
Ø More collaborative between subject areas and grade levels
Assessment will be:
Ø Standards and curriculum appropriate
Ø Common and coordinated
Ø Provided with timely results
Ø Standardized
Interventions will:
Ø Systematically address student learning gaps
Ø Provide competent math tutorial support
Ø Engage parental support
Ø Utilize more technology
Ø Provide alternative intervention for behavior problems