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Mr. Matthew Jones » 8th Grade US History Syllabus

8th Grade US History Syllabus

Terra Cotta Middle School

Welcome to 8th Grade United States History


About the course:

This year the curriculum will be a rigorous study of the discovery of the Americas, the founding of the nation, development of the Constitution, and the expansion of the nation into the early 1900’s. It will include the Common Core Standards, which will build basic skills in reading, writing, and geography. Students will interpret a wide variety of primary and secondary documents in the study of their country’s history. Ultimately, the students will be prepared for the rigor of high school and beyond.


*All curriculums at Terra Cotta Middle School are based on California State Content Standards. For more information regarding standards, please visit http://www.cde.ca.gov.



To ensure the success of the student, the following materials are needed:



  •      100-page composition book
  •      8 ½ “ x 11 ½ “ lined notebook papers
  •      2 Pencils/Pens
  •      Access to the internet


Grading Policy:

All grades received on class work, homework, tests, and projects will be placed in three different categories that will determine the final grade earned.


Category:                                       Percentage Value

Homework                                            = 10 %

Classwork                                             = 30%

Tests and Quizzes                                   = 30 %

                       Projects                                                   =30%


 Grading scale:

90-100%= A

80-89%= B

70-79%= C  

60-69%= D

59-0%= F


Assessments: Students will be given an assessment at the end of each unit, a midterm and final for each semester.


 Work Habits and Cooperation:

Work habits will be based on the completion of assignments (class work & homework) and being prepared to complete daily class assignments ( i.e. materials, required readings, classroom participation).

Cooperation will be based on behavior in class, cooperation with others, and following directions and classroom rules. Excessive tardies will also affect cooperation grade. For example, 3 unexcused tardies automatically equals a “U”.


Classroom Rules:

  1.      Keep food and drinks outside.
  2.      Raise your hand to speak.
  3.      Follow directions.
  4.      Be respectful to all.
  5.      Be responsible and complete all work.
  6.      Be safe.

Possible Consequences if rules are not followed:

  •      Verbal Warning
  •      Classroom Clean Up/ Campus Beautification
  •      Reassigned seat
  •      Phone call to parent
  •      Teacher-Parent Conference
  •      Referred to Counselor/Administrator


Communication: Please call, email, or conference with me often and soon


Homework: Students will have homework at most 3 nights a week.


Make-up Work: Students with an excused absence may make up the assignment (original assignment) within 7 days of the due date.


Missing Assignments:  Students with missing assignments beyond the 7-days may turn in an alternate assignment in an essay format.


Hall Pass Policy:

Students must take care of personal needs and use the restroom before coming to class. Once class begins,

3 passes will be given for the semester


*Students must keep all work (including graded work) until grades for each semester has been posted.*