Terra Cotta Middle School

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Mission Statement 

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.


We're All In!

Terra Cotta's program was designated an AVID National Demonstration School in 2013-14, making it one of about 150 schools to earn this distinction out of more than 5,000 AVID schools nationwide and in other countries. That puts our AVID students in the top 3 percent!


The AVID Student

¨ Motivated

¨ Goal-oriented

¨ Willing to work hard

¨ Positive attitude

¨ Good team member


The AVID Parent

¨ Supportive

¨ Sets high expectations

¨ Encourages student self-advocacy

¨ Monitors grades


The AVID Teacher

¨ Supportive

¨ Sets high expectations

¨ Student advocate

¨ Mentor


The AVID Tutor

¨ Supportive

¨ Sets high expectations

¨ Professional

¨ Role Model


AVID Activities

¨ Tutorials

¨ Fun Fridays

¨ College field trips

¨ Educational field trips

¨ College fair

¨ Community Service

¨ AVID Saturdays

¨ Summer Bridge Math Camp


The AVID Process

The AVID Binder

Organization is a key to academic success, especially during the transition to middle school. AVID's weekly binder checks help guarantee students are prepared to learn.


Focused Note-taking

Successful students take notes, but not just that; they use those notes are learning tools. Students should spend time every night going over their learning tools from each day and each class.



Twice a week, tutorials provide students with the opportunity to take a deep dive into challenging learning. The rigorous tutorial process teaches students how to think about difficult concepts, especially in math, and how to work together to solve problems.