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Mr. Robert Armstrong » 8th Grade U.S. History and Geography

8th Grade U.S. History and Geography

Mr. Armstrong's History Class

Social Studies 8

Welcome All!

My name is Mr. Armstrong and I will be your history teacher for the year.   During this year we will be on a journey through American history. 

8th Grade United States History & Geography


This course is designed to familiarize the students with an understanding of significant events and critical turning points of the United States History as well as the geography of the Country.


This course will begin with a review of exploration through the American Revolution. Then we will focus on the Constitution (1797) and the following events to World War I (1914). This class uses Primary Sources and Literature of the times.


Each Student’s grade will be based on a variety of assignments including: homework, basic skill, reports, projects, essays, as well as class participation.

                                    GRADING SCALE

                        100-90%  A                 79-70% C

                        89-80%    B                 69-60% D

                                         59% or below F


CA American History: myWorld Interactive Growth and Conflict